I would love to date a chef. I’d probably get really fat, but I don’t care.

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Hayley Williams is one of those white people that get mad when someone wears a band t and doesn’t listen to the band. This isn’t a joke or a meme she legitimately tried to call someone out for that

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Little Mix Meme | Favorite Sismance » Jerrie

Happy 21st to a very gorgeous, talented, bubly, lovely sister of mine 

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Perrie and her trip to America

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Lorde for Elle magazine
Lorde for Elle magazine
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You’re like a little, small, brown eyed floppy eared puppy that no one can resist.

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Is rly mean to the dog

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eleanorj92: Maid of Honour & Best Man 💑💕

eleanorj92: Maid of Honour & Best Man 💑💕

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cheddar cheese & DVDs

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slowly losing interest in a plot is so sad i hate it :(

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